Today, IMMORTAL finally release their long awaited 10th studio album, War Against All, which you can stream in full on YouTube:

Order your copy and listen on your favourite platform:

Alongside the album, the band further released a lyric video for the track ‘Return To Cold’. Watch here:

Demonaz states about the song:
“‘Return To Cold’ was the second song I wrote for this album. The guitarwork is in the old insisting, Immortal style with just a handful of riffs. To make it feel even more like a song from the earlier albums, there is no big breaks, guitar solos, or other distractions. A powerful open main riff together with the majestic harmony and gloomy clean guitars created the frame for another atmospheric, distinct and characteristic Immortal song. The lyrics was written outside, on my walk through the forest, up the mountainside, to the cold windy tops, embracing the power and the timeless feel from winter. – It is a definite return to cold, and like the rest of the album… a tribute to the longstanding Immortal fans.”